The Flats Guide

Fishing Report for the Lower Laguna Madre "On The Fly"!

May 10, 2014  - The day prior had me poling shallow and deeper flats with little success off of South Padre Island.  High winds and cloudy conditions made it difficult for my client Arnold from Austin to get proper shots.  Arnold came armed with a very progressed cast that he did not have back in August of last year.  The third time is the charm Arnold.  Hope to see you back soon!   Taking the tail out from between my legs after waking up to a sunny day with low winds I had to call a longtime client and great friend M2 for a Redemption Day!

I was so excited as we headed east from Harlingen to Arroyo City, Texas.  M2 is a wade only fisherman which affords me the opportunity to sling the buggy whip too.  The first wade started after a short ride from Adolph Thomae Park in shallow bay full of thick mossy seagrass.  I had three shots at slow moving redfish with only one taker that quickly came un-buttoned after diving under the grass.  The winds began to pickup and the flat mucked up enough for us to head to the clearer water of the upper sand.

High tide waters allowed for access to the best fishing areas on our bay.  Walking 100 yards towards a great spoil island M2 and I were calf-deep in water that had crawling redfish hunting crabs.  It just goes to show that conditions change so quick on the water.  Tie some flies and get out on the water.  Summer fishing is going to get hot!  

Captain Mark Becerra, The Flats Guide, is a fly fishing guide on the Lower Laguna Madre fishing out of Arroyo City and South Padre Island.  Let's go catch some redfish, trout, flounder, snook, or tarpon on the fly!

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